February 1, 2021

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Jamarah Hayner


#PayUpHollywood Releases Second Annual Survey of More than 1,000 Entertainment Support Staff

Results Show Disproportionate Burdens of COVID-19 amid Some Gains since Movement’s Launch

LOS ANGELES — #PayUpHollywood today released its second annual survey of the challenges faced…

When we first created the Hollywood Support Staff Relief Fund, the COVID-19 shut downs were just beginning. We had no idea how long they’d go on or how many industry workers would be affected, but we knew that impacted support staffers needed immediate financial relief to make ends meet.


For Los Angeles-based support staff members affected by COVID-19 closures in Hollywood; please scroll down for the application.

The intent of this fund is to provide approved applicants with a one-time stipend to minimize financial hardship caused by recent work stoppages in the entertainment industry. …

A letter I sent out to a bunch of people in my network this morning:

— —

Hi friends,

So the world is weird right now.

Like most of you, I’m in self-isolation, watching Great British Bake Off reruns while cuddling up to my beloved stacks of toilet paper. I’m…

After these basic living expenses, I have $192 left.”

NOTE: The following essay was written by an anonymous assistant. If you are an assistant who would like to submit an anonymous essay, please contact #PayUpHollywood at

This essay is submitted without editing.

— — —

I am very passionate…


Media Contact:

Jamarah Hayner

646–262–8044 |

#PayUpHollywood Releases Survey of More than 1,500 Entertainment Industry Assistants Detailing Data on Pay, Working Conditions and Diversity Challenges

LOS ANGELES — A survey released today by #PayUpHollywood shows the prevalence of assistants suffering from low wages and unhealthy work…

A picture of Liz Alper, a half-Asian, half-Jewish 30-something woman with chubby cheeks. She is looking up at the camera.

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Since April, I have dedicated time, energy, and resources toward boosting my fellow…

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Aaron Mendelsohn, Aaron Ho, Aaron Serna, Adam Conover, Adam Epstein, Adele Lim, Alena Smith, Alex Blagg, Alexander Maggio, Alexi Hawley, Alfredo Barrios, Ali Gusberg, Ali Walker, Alison Zeidman, Amy Berg, Andra Whippl, Andrew Lee, Angela Harvey, Ann Slichter, Ann Cherkis, Anna…

Liz Alper

TV writer

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